one of the best thing about travel is the food that comes with it, and Bahrain is no exception. A visit to this Gulf island country opens the doors to culinary adventures that extend way beyond the traditional dishes of the region, although there’s ample opportunity to sample those too. From acclaimed regional names to celebrity chef’s these are the best restaurants in Bahrain.

A country rooted in the Persian Gild and brimming with serene locations, Bahrain has all the attributes to be a top tourist destination in the region. Popularly known as the island nation of 51 natural islands and 33 artificial islands, this is a land that ensures your holidays are never dull. In fact, there are many things to do in Bahrain, from adventure activities to scenic tours around the countryside.

So, do you fancy a vacation in this island nation? Here's our take on the top things to try in Bahrain.

Bahrain - which name means "two seas" - was one of the first states in the Gulf to discover oil and to build a refinery. It never reached the levels of production enjoyed by Kuwait or Saudi Arabia, and so has had to diversify its economy. The Muslim country is ruled by a Sunni king, whose family holds the main political and military posts. The divide between the Shia majority and the Sunni rulers has led to long-running tension in the kingdom, which has sporadically boiled over into civil disobedience.