10 Reasons to Consider Relocating to the Middle East

Middle East
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In the last couple of decades, the Middle East has grown into a hub of opportunity for professionals from across the globe. Locations across the region have developed into real recruitment hotspots that now attract a wealth of top international talent.

Alongside attractive job prospects with some of the world’s top firms, the absence of income tax in many countries in the region also offers a real incentive to workers. The steady growth over recent years has resulted in a surge in the need for foreign labour. Those with the right skills, who are willing to make the move, could be rewarded with a highly attractive salary and benefits package.

It’s worth noting that although skilled international candidates are sought after, government pressure on organisations to hire local talent has increased. Emiratisation, Qatarisation, Saudisation and the like, are initiatives for organisations to employ nationals instead of expats who, at the moment, make up a large portion of the workforce.

Many are beginning to realise the major benefits of living in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and across the GCC which includes four other countries namely Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar. Medical devices recruiters and pharmaceutical headhunters in the region are connecting job seekers with top employers actively seeking top international candidates. While moving to another country can be an emotionally straining thing to do, this region offers many amenities that you won’t find anywhere else. Let’s look at the top 10 reasons to relocate to the Middle East.


1) The Region Is Booming

Culturally, there isn’t a hotter place in the world right now. If you’re looking for an exciting place to work with industry leading professionals from across the globe, an executive search process with Kinetic can place you in an exciting new direction.

With the influx of tourists and businesses and the fact that Abu Dhabi is seeing tourism as well as Dubai, the job market is thriving as well. Retail, beaches, dining, and impressive nightlife dominate the region’s activities, and one is never far from an exciting event or place to check out.


2) A Tax-Free Salary

This is perhaps the most enticing thing about relocating for a job in the Middle East. Medical devices recruiters and pharmaceutical headhunters will answer questions that job prospects may have about the tax system. Employees can relax knowing that saving money will be easier, particularly once they identify an affordable place to live near their place of work.


3) Financial Growth

This one follows the last point. Job searches in the Middle East especially the GCC can land employees in a lucrative position that allows them to save enough money to obtain financial freedom going forward. Saudi Arabia offers a lower cost of living than Dubai, for those looking to put away significant amounts of savings.

Due to the high rate of growth in Middle Eastern cities, companies are often able to move top employees up the ladder at a faster pace than the more established markets. Salaries increase along with perks and other professional opportunities, allowing for more money to end up in the savings account.


4) A Growing Market For Skilled Trades

As evidenced by the high-quality healthcare recruiters and the booming life sciences recruitment sector, the opportunity to put your skills to work is readily available in the Middle East. On top of that, salaries are competitive. Travel throughout the region is simple, with major international airports in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and a high number of world class cities in the region.

Pharmaceutical headhunters are busy conducting executive searches for top clients. As the market for highly skilled jobs grows throughout the region and the world, the Middle East is poised to see the continuation of strong job growth. Upcoming events such as Expo 2020 and the impressive conference scene in Dubai ensure no shortage of job prospects in the life sciences field.


5) Travel And Tourism Opportunities

For the adventurous types, working in the Middle East offers access to many of the world’s most incredible places to visit. Unlike many western cities filled with big box chain stores at every turn, cities and towns in this region are diverse. Each has a unique feel to it, with locals taking immense pride in their culture and history.

Because transportation is cheap, getting out of town on the weekend doesn’t have to break the bank. Depending on personal taste, an executive search process in the Middle East can land a worker close to vast deserts, meteor landing sites, arts and musical performance, the lush fertile grounds of Oman, and beach-front water activities.


6) A High Quality Of Life

It is well-known that the cost of living in the Middle East can be relatively high compared to places such as Southeast Asia. But this doesn’t take into consideration what those who relocate get for what they pay. The quality of life is incredibly high, with culturally rich cities offering a diverse array of nightlife, dining and lifestyle amenities.

Additionally, transportation costs in the region are cheap (the area is incredibly rich in oil, after all), and housing options are modern and efficient.


7) A Close Bond With Others

Because of the increasing field of life sciences recruitment bringing more and more professionals to the Middle East, there is ample opportunity to meet people and form close friendships. Getting to know fellow coworkers and others living in your area help expatriates to find that sense of community so important in helping them feel at home in a new place.


8) Sun. And Lots Of It

The weather in the Middle East is perhaps the most attractive perk to a successful executive search process in the region. Year-round sun and warmth cover expansive beaches. Hot days lead into relaxing nights. Seldom are days impacted by continuous heavy rainfall.


9) Proximity To International Markets

The Middle East is the most centrally located point on the planet. Pharmaceutical headhunters know this, and it plays a big part in the executive search process. By making the Middle East your next major career step, you’ll have a gateway to anywhere else in the world that beckons you down the line.

There is hardly a place that is more internationally acclaimed than the Middle East. Far from the headlines presented in major media outlets, the region is certainly not isolated or lacklustre. Major firms in the area are connected to international business markets in Europe, Asia, the Americas, and Africa, and opportunities brought by working with life sciences recruiters in the Middle East often lead to international dealings and contacts for the employee.


10) Bountiful Networking Opportunities

The top reasons to relocate to the Middle East that we’ve described here culminate into one major bonus for workers: networking. Dubai has become a central location for pharmaceutical headhunters, medical devices recruiters and life sciences professionals from around the world. Companies have taken notice of the thriving economy. When so many experienced professionals come together in one region, the opportunities to network and grow your professional Rolodex are nearly endless.

Your CV will stand out from the rest when an employer sees that you are willing to relocate to the Middle East. Future employers will see that you have done so successfully. Plus, you’ll have an extensive network of professional contacts in life sciences recruitment to help you take the next step.

Beyond these ten reasons, job seekers can create memories that will last a lifetime. The Middle East is at the centre of growing progress and professional development. With ample job opportunities and executive search agents ready to help you find the job of your dreams, there has never been a better time to relocate.