Jordan is one of those countries that speaks to the imagination of a lot of people, yet it still slips underneath the radar a lot of times. And it truly is a shame cause Jordan is home to some of the most beautiful places in the entire world.

From the red sand dunes in Wadi Rum to the hand carved facades of Petra and the ancient ruins of Jerash. Jordan is a country that will surprise you on the most positive note every step of the way.

And this list is perfect to keep with you when you’re planning your trip. Easy to read, enough information to help you plan an itinerary but you won’t drown in all of the information!

Petra is an ancient city that lies in present-day Jordan and dates back to the fourth century B.C. Ruins of the once-great metropolis and trading center now serve as an important archeologic site and tourist attraction. This selection of photos conveys a first impression of ancient Petra, the capital of the Nabataeans. It gives an idea of the wealth of archaeological treasures that can be encountered while walking in the valley basin, through gorges, and over rocks and ridges.

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a small, young country located on land of ancient biblical significance. The country is one of the most liberal in the region and also has one of the smallest economies, as it lacks the natural resources enjoyed by many of its neighbors.